M = Mint

This record and/or cover has got an excellent condition.  

VG = Very Good

This record has been played. There may be some minimal background noise. The cover is used.  

G = Good

This record has been played several times. You will notice background noise. But it is still worth buying it. The cover is used. Some damages like little cuts or stickers are possible.  

W = Worn

Now the bad records are starting. The background noise is heard clearly. They have been played a lot of times. Generally the cover is very damaged and dirty.  

+/-  =  ...

+(Plus) oder -(Minus) is added to the above quality gradues whenever a record or cover is inbetween two categories.  

CO = Cut-Out

This is a record which has been originally sold with a price-reduction. The shop made a whole into the cover or "cut-out" an edge.  

Foc = Foldout Cover