Even if muboo is just a small privat market-place, there do exist some rules which regulate communication:  

delivery inside Germany

Please change to: Regeln  

ordering from outside of Germany

muboo requires payment in advance via Eurocheque (in EURO) or cash by registered Mail.

We are working on offering payment with credit-cards, but up to now we still can't offer it.


After receipt of your order the record will be kept under option for you for 7 days. This will be confirmed to you via email.  


Charges for delivery depend on the way of shipment. As this differs considerably depending on your country we will send an individual calculation each time.  


The record remains our property until receipt of payment. If we do not receive any reply within these 7 days muboo is allowed to sell the record to other customers.  


The record will be shipped the same day payment arrives.  


muboo - music and books

Carola Hellmundt,
Altbremer Str. 10,
27404 Zeven


In case you are not satisfied with the record you may send it back to us within 2 weeks after receipt packed into the original carton, while you take over shipping charges. After receiving the record value will be returned to you.